Friday, April 30, 2010

Hudler to Return in 2011?

red wingsReports are surfacing that Jiri Hudler wants to come back to North America for another run.  Hudler bolted for Russia and the KHL when the Red Wings couldn't pull together enough cap space to fit his $2.875 million underneath the cap ceiling comfortably.  This doesn't seem to be the worst-case scenario of a player that had bolted for Russia for the sake of money, more so the sake of playing.  The Red Wings obviously didn't want to deal him away for nothing, so it does look like more of a loan to the KHL more than anything.  Now that Dynamo Moscow has folded and closed it's doors for good, a look back to the NHL is favourable for the 26-year old Czech, now that the Red Wings are solving cap issues by waiting for UFA contracts to expire.

These reports and rumours do seem to have legs to them and it could very well be a possibility for training camp in September.