Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Will Lecavalier Get Dealt?

There are stories circulating around the league that there is a philosophy struggle in Tampa Bay, in regards to their maverick ownership. Click here, here & here for stories. This is proving to be rather interesting, because it really does revolve around the future of Vincent Lecavalier and his marketability going forward. The struggle also seems to have a lot to do with the team's budget and how much the owners would like to spend in these tough economic times.

Lecavalier has a NTC (no-trade clause) that comes into effect on July 1st, where he'll have his own say in the matter when it comes to any dealings, so the Lightning ownership will have to resolve their problems before then to know how they can approach free agency.

If Lecavalier gets moved, there is an understanding that they have pared down their budget and will likely lay low for another season, before making a huge move. If Lecavalier stays, it gives the idea that they will be in it to win it this year and they will likely try and spend close to the ceiling to do so. It's a very interesting situation there in Tampa Bay. Both sides of the table have some merit, but really, in the end it's still pro sports, where you want to win every year. I would find it hard to believe that it isn't the case that way.

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