Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Frolov for the Kostitsyns?

2009/2010 NHL Statistics2010 Cap Hit
To MontrealPositionAgeGPGoalsPointsYearsPer Year
Alexander FrolovForward278151$2.9 million
To Los AngelesPositionAgeGPGoalsPointsYearsPer Year
Andrei KostitsynForward248132$3.25 million
Sergei KostitsynForward220001$817,000

Another one from the Eklund files came out this afternoon, seeing the disgruntled forward Sergei Kostitsyn and his NHL-playing older brother, Andrei, head to Los Angeles for often-rumoured forward Alexander Frolov.

On the forefront, the Habs would pick up a quality scoring forward that may be a bit bigger (at 6'2") then what their used to, but should bring enough skill to help spread out the offense through the line-up.

For the Kings, they would get a pair of Europeans that do come with some attitude issues, but they are young and they do have some flash. The question is, can a guy like Terry Murray rope in Sergei into the system?

Well, the Western Conference is a little more wide open for the Kings, especially in the Pacific Division. Something would have to happen, like a conditional pick coming the Kings way, if they are not able to reel in the two brothers and get them in working at 100%. To me, it isn't a terrible move, but its still a questionable one.

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