Friday, October 16, 2009

Plekanec For Hamhuis

2009-2010 Statistics2010
To Montreal PosAgeGP/MINPointsCap Hit
Dan Hamhuis D 26 6 1 1 year, $2 million

2009-2010 Statistics2010
To NashvillePosAgeGP/MINPointsCap Hit
Tomas Plekanec F 27 6 6 1 year, $2.75 million

In another Eklund special, this deal may have a bit of legs to it. The Predators, who are deep in defensemen, would deal a future UFA in Dan Hamhuis to the Canadiens, who need a solid defender after the injury to Andrei Markov, for a forward in Tomas Plekanec, who is also set to become an unrestricted free agent. The move would certainly address issues for both teams, but the Habs have not started to score throughout their line-up, so this move may be a little premature.

Plekanec has certainly upped his value at the start of the season with a good start in the offense department, while Hamhuis continues to be a solid defender for the Preds. If anything to the effect of this were to go down, I would expect a pick or two to go either way, just to offset some of the excess cap cost.

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