Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm Buying Stock in Spezza Rumours

I suppose making the playoffs is what keeps Bryan Murray employed in Ottawa, because it certainly isn't the assumed treatment of his highly-paid superstars that allows him to keep working at his post as General Manager.  If that was the case, I would have to think that the leaks of Jason Spezza coming into his office and having an emotional discussion after the season had ended would suggest that he has lost another star's confidence and may be forced to deal him.

This whole debacle really does seem to me, especially how everything had leaked, to be planted and framed up for Murray to make a deal this off-season, if at all possible.  Spezza does owe the Senators his silence through this whole charade, because they gave him all the patience and time that Spezza needed to become a good NHL player that can earn $7 million per season.  Since this soap opera has been kept under wraps and is slowly blowing up into a bigger and bigger deal, there might be a team or two that can fit him into their system and make a reasonable play for him.  This is me just thinking out loud again, there is no real basis to these thoughts other than calling it as I see it.

I would have to believe that the 2001 2nd overall pick is unhappy that he has seen one of his favourite playmaking targets, Dany Heatley, has left the team to greener pastures (also citing some differences in the organization) and you may even draw Ray Emery into the conversation as well, since it was believed that Spezza and Emery were friends in the organization.

This situation also reminds me a lot of the Heatley saga last Summer, when Bryan Murray was defiant in talking about dealing Heatley, until everything really boiled over.  I am going to buy into most Spezza rumours this Summer or at least write about the ones that are pretty well laid out.  I'm thinking that there should be a team or two that would want a $7 million guy, but can't seem to find one on the free agent market this year.  Look at Patrick Marleau, he'll be a prized possession and he's much older than Spezza.

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