Friday, June 11, 2010

Jersey In Play for Kaberle?

The buzz is building around New Jersey making a play for Tomas KaberleTSN says they have their sources confirming interest from New Jersey for the Czech blueliner, which adds up to me.  The Devils haven't really been the same without a good puck moving defenseman and Kaberle fits that bill to a tee.

The consistent word about Kaberle is that he would prefer to stay in the Eastern Conference, if at all possible, and the Devils have been a pretty good team over the past number of years, so I would have to believe that if there was a list of teams that Kaberle would okay a deal to, New Jersey would be one of them.  I can easily be wrong about that, Kaberle might have something against the Devils, who am I to really say?

The asking price that was quoted in the last Kaberle post I had on here had Burke asking for a 1st round pick or an NHL-ready young player.  The Devils do not have their 2010 1st round pick, so you would have to comb through their youth program to find someone appropriate in return.  I would suggest a player like Matt Halischuk, Adam Henrique or Nick Palmieri, who are developed mid-round picks or a higher price of either Jacob Josefson or Mattias Tedenby, who are former 1st round picks. 

The Devils do have some assets that the Maple Leafs could easily use in their line-up next season, it would be interesting to see what the end product is of all these rumours, if anything.  There is some real meat to this situation, I like the odds of something like this going down.

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