Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spezza to Edmonton?

One rumour floating around HockeyBuzz today that I think has some serious merit to it is the Jason Spezza to Edmonton suggestions, which has him being moved at the Draft.  First of all, I would like to reiterate that I'm all over these Spezza rumours, because I think Bryan Murray has done a terrible job in Ottawa and has made some of his best players not want to play for the team anymore, which has got to be frustrating as a Senators fan. 

Today's post sees Spezza head West for a nice package in return, which includes either Sam Gagner or Andrew Cogliano, a couple of prospects (one being NHL ready) and a mid-round pick.  Since there was very few details, I didn't want to draw up the trade table, because I save that for some good mock-ups.

Nevertheless, the rumour does stand on it's own, especially since the Oilers are in desperate need of a quality centre (not to say that the Senators should be giving away one) and it would then justify drafting Tayor Hall with their number one overall pick in a week's time, possibly forming a formidable pairing.

Oh, okay... let's draw up something.  But let's be clear, this is me just playing around.  I am not trying to start a rumour here, I'm just drawing up what I think would be an alright deal... thinking out loud, if you will.

RUMOUR2009-2010 NHL Statistics2011 Cap Info
To EdmontonPositionAgeGPGAPYearsCap Hit
Jason SpezzaForward27602334575$7 million
To OttawaPositionAgeGP/MING/WA/SOPYearsCap Hit
Sam GagnerForward20681526410RFA
Alex PlanteDefense2140112$1.075 million
Devan DubnykGoalie241,0754080RFA
2010 4th Round Pick (91st overall)

The price for Spezza is going to be steep, no matter which way you look at it and I think this deal looks about right for what the Oilers will have to pay for him. The Senators can help fill some voids with this deal, getting Gagner to replace Spezza, Plante to replace Volchenkov and give Dubnyk a shot at earning a place against Brian Elliot and Pascal Leclaire.

The Senators are also going to be shedding a lot of payroll and cap space with this deal sending Spezza out of town, so that should make them pretty big players in the free agency market.  It's all quite relevant, but who's really to say it would happen?

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  1. I think - with Mike Brodeur having proven himself capable and a definite threat to either Leclaire or Elliot - Dubnyk will end up being viewed as an unnecessary asset to acquire.

    I personally think, despite his atrocious giveaways, that Ottawa should work to keep Spezza. He's a proven point-a-game player, and if he could just get his head around limiting (if not eliminating) the dumb giveaways he could be the cornerstone of the Sens that they expected him to be.

    But that's just me "thinking out loud, if you will"... =)